Sustainable Leather

The leather jacket industry has many questions regarding its production methods. We are often questioned about the methods we use in making a jacket. It is indispensable to educate people about leather jacket production. We want to spread awareness that our products are non-hazardous for the environment and people. We always tend to give our best.  

Craftsmanship And Quality With Responsibility

Craftsmanship also plays a crucial role in the leather industry’s longevity. We use modern crafting techniques to make our workers comfortable. Product quality matters a lot. Therefore, genuine animal hides are the main elements of our industry.

With better crafting and quality materials, we can produce our best. We are often asked about the sustainability of our products. Therefore, we bring the debate to the table for you!

Sustainable leather

What Is Sustainable Leather?

Sustainability is a critical factor for any business. As owners of classic leather jackets, we are responsible for staying sustainable and beneficial to society and Mother Nature. Therefore, we ensure that we get genuine leather from animal hides.

Indeed, livestock provides the most enormous support to the leather industry. Yearly, thousands of animal hides are used by the leather industry. Using these hides to manufacture a beneficial product reduces the chances of environmental hazards to many levels. These animal hides often help increase stock and generate handsome revenues. 

7th Angle always ensures that our production is more sustainable. Furthermore, we have considered our employees, ensuring their working environment is feasible. We assure you that our leather is specially derived from the animals grown for food. It is right to say that the leather we use in our production department is the “By-Product” of the food industry. 

Thus, you can see that by using food industry waste, we can produce top-notch products that are famous for their durability and longevity. Moreover, it improves relationships between different industries and creates opportunities for others.

What Is Leather’s Environmental Impact?

Quality Leather Material

Animal Leather has been part of humanity for thousands of years. Today’s biggest leather producers are China and India. Leather obtained from plants and artificially made leather has the downside of being wasted much more than sustainable.

Artificial leather is especially mass-produced, and this causes a lot of it to be wasted away. Moreover, it undergoes extensive chemical procedures to sustain the properties of sustainable original leather. This whole phenomenon causes intense tears in the fabric of our co-existing life.

We keep an eye on every innovation and solution circling the leather. If there ever comes a greener way to get this exquisite lux fabric, we will be the first to test it.

A Sustainable Supply Chain Provides Good Business

Using genuine leather in our production makes a wide range of sustainable supply chains for the economy. These jackets and coats are according to fashion and trends. Thus, it is safe to say that our leather range is helping boost the economy and the fashion industry. The chain we are making by helping other sectors is unbreakable. Our fashionable ensembles are enough to boost your self-confidence. And we all know! A self-confident individual is an asset to society because he is highly productive and practical.

Real Leather
  •  A Perfect Investment 

Indeed, investing in a sustainable, genuine leather ensemble can be worth it. Genuine leather outerwear is desirable due to its longevity and evergreen nature. Therefore, invest in buying this everlasting ensemble and create ethereal and classy styles for many decades.

  • Ethical Point Of View 

Ethics is the central pillar of any society. It helps to create a healthy and pleasant environment for individuals to live in. In the past, there were many rule violations from the leather industry. They use harmful chemicals and drop the waste into the sea, causing hazards to marine life. These practices are still observed somewhere.

But in the 7th Angle, we ensure that our actions and production methods are harmless to society and the environment. We have strict policies against waste disposal and a clean check on it. 

  • Animal Welfare 

Animal welfare is the fundamental problem that every leather jacket industry faces. Why? There are very few chances to differentiate between animal slaughter and environmental waste. We ensure that we get animal hides from the food industry because these hides are waste for them, and they can throw them away. By using these hides, we reduce the chances of environmental hazards.

  • Labor Practices:

Caring for laborers in our company is also challenging. We create policies and SOPs for the workers during chemical procedures. By applying these rules in our workplace, we can reduce the health hazards of our employees.

  • Leather Jacket Impact

Genuine leather has a considerable impact on society. There is a profound debate about whether to justify the ifs and buts of owning a leather staple. However, one thing assured is that a genuine leather staple is the best choice in terms of durability. 

We hope that you have no questions about the sustainability of our products. 7th Angle assures you about our production’s opulent craftsmanship and high-quality materials. You can enjoy a luxurious shopping experience with us. Our chic jacket designs and refined tailoring can steal any heart. In short, you can find your perfect fit with us!

Our Product Ethos

Most leather appareal are not of the highest quality standards, and may appear flimsy or made from faux leater. This is our approach


Quality Material

We prioritize the quality of the leather and tailoring to make it a number one quality garment. The prerequisite building includes high-tech materials, linings and details like buttons, zippers and pockets. 

Unique Designs

Our motive is to bring unique designs that work for everyone. You can find pretty pieces with different components that are comfortable on the skin, well-fitted and complement every body type. 


Fair Price

Our garments are distinguished for their top-notch quality and finery of tailoring that don’t pill or fade. What’s important to note is that the Affordable prices make your purchasing decision effortless.